Five Reasons LVL Lashes Will Change Your Life


LVL lashes are everywhere right now. It’s the hottest lash treatment in the celebrity world, with beauty bloggers agreeing that it’s the ‘best treatment ever’.

If you’re looking for a way to elongate, enhance and exaggerate your lashes, then LVL is the answer. Say goodbye to mascara, lash curlers and extensions; here are five reasons LVL Enhance will change your life.

They’re fuss free & ONLY 44.00 Euro

The wonderful thing about LVL lashes is that they’re natural. We lift, volumise, lengthen and tint your natural lashes, and once you leave the salon, that’s it! No coming back for maintenance treatments and no need to come back to remove them. 

They’re long lasting

LVL lashes last six to eight weeks. That’s a lot of days to have lashes-on-fleek.

You’ll save time getting ready in the morning

Do you ever wake up and wish you could have ten extra minutes in bed? Well, with LVL lashes, you can! Waking up with perfect lashes every morning will cut down the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, leaving you with more time to work out, eat a nutritious breakfast, or simply hit that snooze button a few more times.

You can still wear mascara, though you won’t need to!

If you wear lash extensions, you’ll know that wearing mascara over them can cause them to clump. As LVL Enhance uses your natural lashes you can still wear mascara and use make up remover, though your lashes will look so good you certainly won’t need to.

It’s perfect for holidays

LVL Enhance is the perfect treatment for your holidays because it doesn’t require any maintenance. The last thing you want on holiday is a full face of make-up and as you don’t have to wear mascara with LVL lashes you can kiss goodbye to panda-eye disasters in the pool or while sunbathing!

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